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21 June 2016 @ 10:09 am
Sometimes it good to be short in a crowd  
Dear friends,

I am sorry for pulling the disappearing act on you all and I have sincerely missed you all!

I intend to tell you all about my life while I’ve been away however it is going to take me while and have therefore decided to do it in smaller instances. Starting with Saturday – I know I’m doing this the wrong way around, I just thought it’d be easier to start from the back and work our way back to the reason for me going M.I.A on you all.

Starting off with Saturday then, one of our old colleagues is back in town to visit and being the HUGE Game of Thrones fan she is she really wanted to see the play Doctor Faustus with Kit Harington. As we also have more Game of Thrones and Kit Harington fans in our midst it was decided to meet up to see this play (I’ll never say no to a play…).

Everyone who knows me, knows I’m a bit weird – ah, who am I kidding I’m a lot weird – and tend to attract other people who aren’t a bit more normal than me. With that said we ended up being just for people, two for the company and two for Kit Harington, always laughing together. Deciding to go see a dark play about a man selling his soul to the devil.

10 minutes into the show and all four of us are sitting there with huge question marks above our heads, wondering what the hell is going on. As we get to the end of act one we all think we have caught up with most and my friend declares, if she had been here alone this is when she would have left. As I have yet to leave the theatre before the end (whether it being a play or a film) we all stayed for the second half. Which once again had us all questioning what we were looking at.

As two of us is sitting there trying to figure out the deeper meaning of the play the other two of us is jumping up and down squealing as Doctor Faustus (Kit Harington) is now dressed in blood stained underwear (I would actually be able to explain this part of the play, not the point of it but what actually happened). When I say blood stained I mean he is on stage only in his boxes now drained red by blood. The fact that the rest of the cast have had basically nothing on for the whole play has not affected them one bit but this does.

As the play ends I’m more confused than I was first 10 minutes, and think I only got about half of it (anyone who’s seen it and would be able to explain it all feel free!!), my friends obviously wants to wait out for autographs by the stage door (well it wasn’t actually the stage door though.. but where the hoop of people had already gathered). As the time draws nearer and Kit actually gets out I decide to stay back for a couple of reasons.

  1. I’m short! Not ridiculously short but definitely short for someone from Europe.

  2. Celebrities are also humans and if I do get the meet him I’d rather not have a whole group of people pushing.

  3. I’m not a great fan of his, so thought it would be better if he’s fans actually got a chance to meet him rather than people who don’t really care.

Next to us was an ambulance parked as they were not able to move. Halfway through the signing and selfie taking I turn around to look at the ambulance and I see the guy in there waving me forward asking if I’d like to sit in there. “YES! I’m being demolished out here!” is my thought and run around the van to hop in. As he steps out he says: “You looked like you were a bit short. Would you like to sit in here?” Yes, please! I’m saved! Okay not really but you know. They even wanted me to sit in the door window just to see as much as possible.

Though I should say the play or meeting my friends should be the best part of the day I have to say this nice man was the best part of my day as I got to enter an ambulance (without needing the help!).

The best part for my friends however was just minutes later. Kit had suddenly declared he needed to leave to get to a dinner without my friends actually haven’t gotten any pics or autographs leaving them a bit bummed. We set out to walk home when all of a sudden Kit and his bodyguard steps out in front of us. Unfortunately I was still talking about my time in the ambulance and managed to get a squeal out and the bodyguard turned around for a split second with his hand out shouting: “NO!”

I’m genuinely sorry for this specially as my friends the fans only managed to look at them and hitting each other stunned and I did not mean to scare them into thinking we were going to attack.

Oh well, at least we had an amazing time, with lots of laughs.

Until next time peeps!

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Mitsu: Daayama~kakuhiro on June 21st, 2016 07:21 pm (UTC)
Seems you had a lot of fun! It's nice to see a person is enjoying his life ♥ keep going on, Air-senpai!!

Edit: I missed you a lot ;)

Edited at 2016-06-21 07:21 pm (UTC)