I thought it was about time I made small introduction post.. (though I might already have one in the list here somewhere.. my memory is really one of the worst..)

I'm basically your average media graduate (yes, I finally graduated!!) who enjoys watching way too much TV and Films for her own good (from all over the world). As well as occasionally read a good book. No wait! I’m not average anywhere.. (well maybe to the looks. No, I’d be less than average there.) I’m weird and I can discuss the little really unimportant things for hours. If someone meets me and my best friend from High school and Uni they will definitely think we’re having the worst word fight, but really we’re just discussing our point energetically, not even an argument.. But it’s all about my image, I got to obtain a certain degree of craziness for my surroundings, you know =P
Though I’m quite shy and may be perceived as pretty snobbish the first time speaking to someone, but don't let this deceive you, I'm very talkative and basically never shuts up once you've gotten to know me. Sarcasm is my middle name (but don’t use it against me, chances are I won’t detect it, actually it’s not a chance I absolutely won’t get it) and I stick to my views as glue.

This journal is part "Friends Only", though I got to say most of my post are pretty boring and has nothing to do with the reason why I created this journal. If you want to be my friend give me a comment, I barely add anyone to my friends list unless I've talked to them for awhile first (with a few exceptions).

Call me Air and I'm here if you have any suggestions for other movies or dramas you think I should watch, please be my guest. I'm always up to watch new stuff! Or if you just happen to want to talk about anything.

Western movies
Asian movies
Western TV show
Asian TV shows

Drama places in Japan
Places to visit in Sweden

I was thinking about start subbing Swedish clips and other stuff to practice my translation skills, but found two problems. One, is anyone really interested in Swedish stuff?? And since my main internet fandom is Japan I have no clue of where I can find the raw files, so if I’m doing this I’m gonna need some help ^^,

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Sometimes it good to be short in a crowd

Dear friends,

I am sorry for pulling the disappearing act on you all and I have sincerely missed you all!

I intend to tell you all about my life while I’ve been away however it is going to take me while and have therefore decided to do it in smaller instances. Starting with Saturday – I know I’m doing this the wrong way around, I just thought it’d be easier to start from the back and work our way back to the reason for me going M.I.A on you all.

Starting off with Saturday then, one of our old colleagues is back in town to visit and being the HUGE Game of Thrones fan she is she really wanted to see the play Doctor Faustus with Kit Harington. As we also have more Game of Thrones and Kit Harington fans in our midst it was decided to meet up to see this play (I’ll never say no to a play…).

Everyone who knows me, knows I’m a bit weird – ah, who am I kidding I’m a lot weird – and tend to attract other people who aren’t a bit more normal than me. With that said we ended up being just for people, two for the company and two for Kit Harington, always laughing together. Deciding to go see a dark play about a man selling his soul to the devil.

10 minutes into the show and all four of us are sitting there with huge question marks above our heads, wondering what the hell is going on. As we get to the end of act one we all think we have caught up with most and my friend declares, if she had been here alone this is when she would have left. As I have yet to leave the theatre before the end (whether it being a play or a film) we all stayed for the second half. Which once again had us all questioning what we were looking at.

As two of us is sitting there trying to figure out the deeper meaning of the play the other two of us is jumping up and down squealing as Doctor Faustus (Kit Harington) is now dressed in blood stained underwear (I would actually be able to explain this part of the play, not the point of it but what actually happened). When I say blood stained I mean he is on stage only in his boxes now drained red by blood. The fact that the rest of the cast have had basically nothing on for the whole play has not affected them one bit but this does.

As the play ends I’m more confused than I was first 10 minutes, and think I only got about half of it (anyone who’s seen it and would be able to explain it all feel free!!), my friends obviously wants to wait out for autographs by the stage door (well it wasn’t actually the stage door though.. but where the hoop of people had already gathered). As the time draws nearer and Kit actually gets out I decide to stay back for a couple of reasons.

  1. I’m short! Not ridiculously short but definitely short for someone from Europe.

  2. Celebrities are also humans and if I do get the meet him I’d rather not have a whole group of people pushing.

  3. I’m not a great fan of his, so thought it would be better if he’s fans actually got a chance to meet him rather than people who don’t really care.

Next to us was an ambulance parked as they were not able to move. Halfway through the signing and selfie taking I turn around to look at the ambulance and I see the guy in there waving me forward asking if I’d like to sit in there. “YES! I’m being demolished out here!” is my thought and run around the van to hop in. As he steps out he says: “You looked like you were a bit short. Would you like to sit in here?” Yes, please! I’m saved! Okay not really but you know. They even wanted me to sit in the door window just to see as much as possible.

Though I should say the play or meeting my friends should be the best part of the day I have to say this nice man was the best part of my day as I got to enter an ambulance (without needing the help!).

The best part for my friends however was just minutes later. Kit had suddenly declared he needed to leave to get to a dinner without my friends actually haven’t gotten any pics or autographs leaving them a bit bummed. We set out to walk home when all of a sudden Kit and his bodyguard steps out in front of us. Unfortunately I was still talking about my time in the ambulance and managed to get a squeal out and the bodyguard turned around for a split second with his hand out shouting: “NO!”

I’m genuinely sorry for this specially as my friends the fans only managed to look at them and hitting each other stunned and I did not mean to scare them into thinking we were going to attack.

Oh well, at least we had an amazing time, with lots of laughs.

Until next time peeps!


Just a small update..

.. on what is actually happening.

I'm so sorry I'm about a month and a half behind on my travel/Japan post (and frankly I'm starting to forget what I did.. thought I didn't much worth reading about).

Anyhow, this past few week I went into a spurt in finding myself a share house since my time in host family is coming to an end this coming Wednesday. I did find one and therefore as you understand I'll be moving on Wednesday ^^,

This all means I had to kinda be away from fandom a little while (but I'll be back at the end of next week), I also got a swamp of applicants to juyoerai which I decided we had to clear out fast (kinda fast anyway since I finished up the last ones today!! Yatta!!). As a late birthday present.

I'm hoping to be able to finish all of the post during my (about) one week brak starting with my move on Wednesday (I know what you think: "how many time is she going to repeat that?" Honestly. I don't know.. as many times as I have to =P) But first I have to tests to worry about!

So now I'm off to make my homework!
Hope everyone has a wonderful day!
I'm looking forward to my own return, it's been way too little flailing these past few weeks.

Oh, and for anyone who know about Boy Meets World and wants to flail with me over the spin-off please do! I can hardly wait for the premier next week!!
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May: part 1

I'm truly sorry for the delay of this post and I seriously don't have any good excuse.. Anyhow since it's been so long I thought I'd make the whole month of May into two posts. Which means this super long post will contain three weeks..

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There you go: the first three weeks of May. As the month is coming to an end today I'm currently working on the next post but as my phone refuses to co-operate and synchronise with the computer (or the opposite way around I'm not so sure which one of them is the reluctant one to make the relationship to work is..). I now have a double amount of work to do just to get the pics in to the phone..

Anyhow hope you're all doing great in the heat.. We're measuring around 30 degrees Celsius today with almost no wind.. And I'm about to go out and enjoy it =D

Here we go! Johnny's!

I'm kinda on time! And up to date with my weeks.. So here follows a pretty long description of last week.

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Okay, it time for me to actually do my homework for Golden Week (fits perfectly as it's raining outside) unless I end up watching TV..

Hope you're all having a great day!

Another week has past..

I know I said I was almost ready and thought I'd be kinda on time with this one but seems I'm a whole week late.. I'm sorry about that but the wait is over and this is my third week in Japan.

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Once again I believe this past week will be posted soon (but I can't promise it).
I also want to take the time to congratulate a few friends (amnosno0fan, kanazawa_ren, Sara and flyfaraway28) on their birthday (these past two weeks). HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRLS!!!

Okay this long post is now over..

Class A8

Once again I'm sorry for the late update on last weeks adventures (though it wasn't much of adventures, hopefully this week will be up in time).

So another long post for you guys..

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I had fun this week I just hope I can do everything I want to to (and have time to enjoy it).

Hope all of you are staying safe and healthy!

Sorry for the wait

So I finally made it,
here will follow a (what I hope but seriously doubt) fairly short summary of my first week and a half.

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I’m gonna try to make some weekly updates (The keyword here being: try..) during the weekends. I really don’t think I’ll have the time during the week.

Also, my memory fails me so if I've forgotten to say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!" to tegohika, lalatormenta and/or alltimeberry I'd like to do so now. I know I'm super late but I hope you had a great birthday! ^^,

Happy Monday everyone!!

[Directions] Shitsuren Chocolatier

I've updated my masterpost with the following locations:

- The park where Sota gave Saeko chocolate (Suwanomori park (諏訪の森公園))
- The restaurant where Saeko announce her engagement (Cafe LaBohéme (カフェ ラ・ボエム新宿御苑))
- The wedding reception location (Art Grace Portside Villa (アートグレイス・ポートサイドヴィラ))
- The cafe where Elena confessed (to Kurashina) (Christon Cafe (アートグレイス・ポートサイドヴィラ))
- The reception where Sota declares his love (in a dream) (Art Grace Omiya Imperial Villa (アートグレイス大宮離宮))

You can find it my post here or over at int_je in this post.