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22 June 2014 @ 06:01 pm
Just a small update..  
.. on what is actually happening.

I'm so sorry I'm about a month and a half behind on my travel/Japan post (and frankly I'm starting to forget what I did.. thought I didn't much worth reading about).

Anyhow, this past few week I went into a spurt in finding myself a share house since my time in host family is coming to an end this coming Wednesday. I did find one and therefore as you understand I'll be moving on Wednesday ^^,

This all means I had to kinda be away from fandom a little while (but I'll be back at the end of next week), I also got a swamp of applicants to juyoerai which I decided we had to clear out fast (kinda fast anyway since I finished up the last ones today!! Yatta!!). As a late birthday present.

I'm hoping to be able to finish all of the post during my (about) one week brak starting with my move on Wednesday (I know what you think: "how many time is she going to repeat that?" Honestly. I don't know.. as many times as I have to =P) But first I have to tests to worry about!

So now I'm off to make my homework!
Hope everyone has a wonderful day!
I'm looking forward to my own return, it's been way too little flailing these past few weeks.

Oh, and for anyone who know about Boy Meets World and wants to flail with me over the spin-off please do! I can hardly wait for the premier next week!!
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