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18 April 2014 @ 06:46 pm
Class A8  
Once again I'm sorry for the late update on last weeks adventures (though it wasn't much of adventures, hopefully this week will be up in time).

So another long post for you guys..

Monday (meeting the class):
8:20 I entered my home room: 204 for the first time as a member of the class: A8.
The class started and as we all just tried to remember each other names, we also started learning the basics of Japanese grammar. Beginning with the は-particle, where we’re from and who has what profession.
Stopped by the onigiri shop on my way home for tomorrow’s lunch /that's what I thought).

Tuesday (first friend):
Classes are going great, I’ve only been confused twice today.. I also decided to switch things up a little bit by changing my seat from yesterday (seems I was the only one, making all of the Russians in front, Korean in a row on the other side of the room and then me, Vietnamese and Chinese in a small pack in the back). Not my smartest move I might add, since I ended up with サシャ-san right in my view of the cards the teachers were holding up, new seat tomorrow..

Gathered the courage to ask the Chinese girl (which has extraordinary English skills by the way) out for lunch. Since she hadn’t had Udon noodles yet we tried to find a restaurant serving it. We went in to one near Shin-Okubo Station and tried to figure out what anything on the menu meant (miserably failing I’m afraid to say), good thing they had pictures next to everything, made ordering a lot easier (this is actually a bright point about Japanese restaurants pictures for almost all dishes in the menu).

After which I thought I’d go to Shinjuku and purchase that SIM card I needed and had looked up with ゆきえ-chan during the weekend. セツ-san (the Chinese girl) wanted come along (she had nothing else but studying to do, while waiting for her boyfriend getting out of class anyway). We made our way to Shinjuku Station and as I recalled it ゆきえ-chan said West entrance but I didn’t recognise it at all.. After some confusement and asking for directions we finally found the building I was looking for, at the East entrance!!

I thought I’d be able to just buy it since we’d already been there checking it out asking about everything there was to know. But no! Absolutely not! They had more questions (for me this time) and basically didn’t want to sell it to me because they were afraid I didn’t know what I was doing.. Look guys I know what I’m doing and yes! my phone is unlocked I can use it with a Japanese SIM card, now please just sell me the darn card..

“You need a credit card. Here look at the sign”

Okay, fine the sign was in English, telling me I had to be a residence in Japan, it won’t work overseas and I need a credit card (note it just say credit card).

“Yes, I have one. I have everything on that sign except for a Japanese phone number, hence the reason why I want to buy this SIM card..”

“Oh..” More fast Japanese talk..

Seriously they didn’t want to sell it, I thought they wanted to make money.. Also they want me to sign up/register online within a week of purchasing so they can send (yes, send!) me the SIM card. So I really don’t see the problem here. Eventually I were able to buy it and I decided to go back home (セツ-san went back to the school to wait for her boyfriend). I made a decision to use my word cards for the words we’ve learned in school so far. A basically impossible task (I haven’t manage to finish yet).
As I got back, Mariko-san’s friend who joined us to Inokashira Park (in Kochijoji) were there, and stayed for dinner (which まり-chan also joined).

Wednesday (Okubo to Shinjuku walk):
Since I didn’t eat my Onigiri lunch yesterday I kinda had to eat it today before it turned bad, so me and セツ-san made our way to the 4th floor to study (talking, that’s why we didn’t want to use the library), but were interrupted with the fact we’re not allowed to be on the 4th floor. Moved to the roof top instead, for the most part it’s okay but seriously they couldn’t have a smoke free room to study conversation??

After a while we decided to take a walk and explore the surroundings around the school. We ended up in Shinjuku and then made our way back to Okubo. We found a massive amount of restaurants on our way as well as some book stores (I’m looking for more word cards, bigger ones for memos).

Mariko-san took me on a walk around the neighbourhood today. We got to a wonderful park which must have looked absolutely amazing during the Sakura blooming. This is also the park I need to find in case of an earthquake, which cuts the water and electric supplies to the house. Let’s just say neither Mariko-san nor I will find this park if there’s an earthquake (we walked around the block for about an hour before we got there, it’s a ten minute walk..). While we were out we found yet another school (Junior high school this time) as well as two churches.

Thursday (another friend?):
As I got to school today one of the Russian girls had moved seats over to “our” side (the Koreans and mine..) and wanted me to sit next to her (why I have no clue, though she has stated she loves Sweden). セツ-san asked if ヴィカ-san (the Russian girl) were joining us for lunch and since I didn’t know I asked if she wanted to come and if there were anything special she’d like to try. She’d more than like to come and she’d been looking at this sushi place between Shin-Okubo Station and Okubo Station, so we all headed there.

Vika-san wanted to go to the Donki-store (is that the name??) and since I’d been there with ゆきえ-san I kinda knew where it was and offered to show her (I also didn’t promise I’d find it but I was willing to try to remember the way as long as we got out the EAST exit..). ヴィカ-san had another idea, let’s walk there. So we all walked around Shinjuku for a while, I ended up buying a book, a magazine, three CD’s (why is this not surprising? What is surprising though is I didn’t buy any movies) and four word cards. And I managed to find the way to ヴィカ-san’s store.

As I got back I got talking to Mariko-san and she offered me to use her English textbooks for beginners as a help for me to learn Japanese with あや-chan.
I’m learning a lot every day I just forgets about 80% by the next morning.

Before going to bed Mariko-san and I also gave Border a shot. Actually more realistic than I thought it would be. Now, I obviously didn’t understand it all.

Friday (Roppongi):
As we passed a restaurant yesterday I asked if anyone was interested in lunch there tomorrow (as today) and both ヴィカ-san and セツ-san was, today ヴィカ-san also managed to get イム-san to join for lunch too before he met up with one of his friends.
We made our way back to the school since セツ-san had to talk to an agency about their new house (there are complications and they won't be able to move in this weekend). While ヴィカ-san and I finish this weeks homework.

After which セツ-san and I went to Roppongi (I thought I’d visit the Swedish Embassy), while ヴィカ-san decided to go home. Apparently the Embassy now has an exhibition with Scandinavian patterns and “Fika” (if you need to know what it means just ask). We took a detour to Ark Hills (what a beautiful place!) before walking to Roppongi Hills.

They were building a stage right outside the TV Asahi building (I still don’t know what it was for) which meant we had to walk around the building to enter it. Amazing! They have a Doraemon exhibition going on at the moment with amazing statues and photo opportunities. As well as a question-thing-walk-around (we did it though we don’t know what it’s for). I also tried to ask if I could tour the building (or at least one studio) but impossible, beyond the huge lobby only staff were allowed.

Saturday (how do I do?):
I decided to try my Japanese and get myself some books in the process. Asked Mariko-san how to ask for children’s books (or easy read), since I still can’t make a whole and useful sentence on my own (at least not a correct one). Headed over to the local bookstore, it’s actually quite big, on the way I stopped to buy some birthday cards and another Word Cards album (perfect fit this time). As I approached one of the workers all I was allowed to say was 'children’s books' and she answered with a: はい! どぞ。 And showed me the way. And so the hard part began, finding a book which interests me as well as fits my level of reading Japanese (which actually is basically equal to zero). Let’s just say there were none, so I bought a few in different categories and difficultness.

I then tried to find some fun and delicious senbei (rice crackers) but unlucky and kinda coward I didn’t dare buy anything today. Ended up with two packs of (Snoopy) Pocky.

For dinner we went to a small restaurant (apparently the couple are frequents here, they now know the other customers as well as the staff) and I met two more of their friends. These friends had a lot of questions and I’m sorry to say I can’t answer questions like: “Which one is your number one favourite…?” For my personality it’s impossible!! I’m a Gemini for crying out loud!! Indecisive is my nature!

I had a plan of just watching two Japanese dramas this season and not starting any new American ones, this has already been broken long ago..
How did I think I’d be able to only watch two dramas?? A mystery!
Today we started watching Yowakutemo Katemasu (though we missed the first 15 minutes) I’m not really sure what to think yet, but it looks promising.

Sunday (IKEA):
A new IKEA just opened in Tokyo (kinda, it’s the first one in Tokyo prefecture but it’s) in Tachikawa City (so still pretty far for many Tokyo citizens). It opened this Thursday and on Friday they had over 31 000 visitors, and they aren’t stopping any time soon. The store is HUGE!! About 4 times as big as any other IKEA store I’ve ever been to. With all the crowds we didn’t manage to get through even half before we got tired and hungry but finding the exit was harder than we thought. We still had to go through the whole store to get there.

Now this city is usually “sleeping” but today there were people lining up to the ramen shops, outside!! Almost impossible to find a table anywhere I think we went around for about 45 minutes before we found a table. But boy! The food were delicious!
We were all really tired so we went back home to rest. I tried to read my books and after dinner we ended up watching Sekai no Hatemade ItteQ. Two words: Miyagawa Daisuke!! Actually two more: World record! This episode were truly joyful!

I had fun this week I just hope I can do everything I want to to (and have time to enjoy it).

Hope all of you are staying safe and healthy!
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kate_firefly: leslie knope -YES!! celebrating-kate_firefly on April 19th, 2014 12:31 am (UTC)
i love reading about your life in japan right now. =) i read your first post about it too, but forgot to comment. good luck with everything and enjoy your time there!!! ~__~

also, i dunno how long you're staying there, but maybe you can watch the toma/aiba movie that's gonna be released this fall or winter! =P
AirUpNorthairupnorth on April 28th, 2014 10:15 am (UTC)
Thank you so much Kate!! ^^,
And no worry at all I'm just glad someone is reading it =P

I'll be here at least a year (so next spring sometime). I'll definitely try to watch the movie in the Theatre. It's already on my to do list. Thank you!! =D
kate_firefly: blair -yep. nodding-kate_firefly on April 29th, 2014 06:38 pm (UTC)
no problem!! i'm sure lots of other people have been reading your posts. ~_~ i'm glad you'll be able to watch his movie!

and maybe you'll randomly see him in the street or store or train sometime!! *__*
AirUpNorthairupnorth on June 22nd, 2014 08:45 am (UTC)
Thank you so much! ^^,

Aw, I wish.. They'd stopped showing it in the Movie Theatres when I started going =( But DVD should be released soon enough =D

Aw, that'd be awesome!! I hope! Cross my fingers.
kate_firefly: april -kinda excited + almost smile-kate_firefly on June 22nd, 2014 11:19 pm (UTC)
oh, you mean Mogura No Uta? the DVD will be released sept. 24. =)